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Jewellery Joy! February 27, 2010

I derive a lot of joy from jewellery (most women do, don’t they?) But am not much into real gold, silver or jadau stuff or even diamonds, ok maybe silver. Iam more into trinkety stuff, the blings that available at Swarowski or even artificial, costume and quirk stuff. Give me diamonds and am bored, but give me a pair of bold, big and beautiful danglers (real, artificial, costume whatever) and am delighted !

Speaking of bling, Bombay Electric at Colaba is showcasing Underground Jewels from 2nd to 6th March. Designers include Meenakshi Dash,  Martinaa New and Fanny Boucher. Iam quite intrigued by the pictures I saw and am surely going to go and do some sampling. Maybe I will run into you there then? Chow.


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