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You know what… February 27, 2010

Aaah. Oh so often, all our sentences begin with “You know what…”. It’s mostly when we are jabbering away and we have a lot to say. It’s also when we are at play and with our girlfriends close and boyfriends at bay. It’s when we want to endlessly vent and gossip, crib and cry and just say everything we want and we don’t want. Ok this is going somwhere, trust me. I have a point to make and if you a wee bit patience, you will allow me.

 Just the other day, I was at Inox to pick up my movie tickets and two girlies were yacking away right behind me. You yack all you want. Iam all for yacking but please don’t say this in a movie queue that “Can I tell you the story of “Kartik Calling Kartik”? when someone is buying tickets for it and the movie hasnt released as yet (Why girlie why?). I mean get a hold on your girlie tongue for godssake! (I wonder if Farhan Akhtar would term this as piracy? Ok Never mind.) I felt aaaaarrrrgggh. I thought to myself, we girlies sometimes need to know where to draw the line on yapping. Where to talk and where to keep mum, its not easy you know but it surely can be developed with practice. All you need is a good intent! (You agree?)

Silence is strength. Talking is trouble.

Whether it comes to keeping a secret or spilling the beans about a movie, we need to zip that trap and keep “shush”. Well, I did see the movie two days later and it was about what the girlie said (hallucination and schizophrenia) but thanks to the direction and performances, I was glued to the end and guess what you story revealer “It didn’t matter”.

P.S. Go see the movie for the chills, thrills and frills too (Deepika’s clothes are awesome and they are available at Shopper Stop outlets. They are really chic I say!) As for Farhan, he is always a treat to watch!


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