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A splash of color March 1, 2010


Limited edition bags !

Limited edition bags !

Holi without color? So you stayed indoors with your doors and windows locked tightly, your hair oiled well and worn old clothes so not even an ounce of water or color could change the way you look and feel and yet you too want to have a happy and colorful holi with a big splash of color in your life….mmmm and perhaps in your wardrobe? Make way for “Limited edition” full of life, bright bags that scream color. You know a lot of the times I like to wear these not so bright and showy outfits yet I don’t want to end up looking boring and drab, I feel these bags will make for the perfect accessory then. What’s your thought?

And if you feel like, these are just the bags you were looking for, I encourage you to go to their Facebook page and order some!!/pages/Limited-Edition/179896939357?ref=mf


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