Girly Hour

Chic Clothes. Girlie Goodies. Beautiful Bling! Etc.

Gift-a- Girl March 1, 2010

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 Gifting a girl? It’s tricky. We can be demanding on one day when we want to be treated like a princess and be low key and no maintenance on the other, however our choices and preferences largely belong to the categories below.


Social Butterflies.These girls are perhaps the most easiest to gift but demanding when it comes to choice and can be particular. If she is a social butterfly, she is going to need a new pair of shoes, a bag, accessories, a dress and no amount of these are ever good enough. At the same time, because of their social do’s they are always looking the best, thus beauty and spa and salon vouchers, hair dryers, make-up kits also work wonders for your friend who is going places literally.

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The geek girl. She’d rather stay home and curl up with a good book or blog or watch a soap on TV rather than go out and burn the dance floor. A good book, a dvd of her favourite soap or a box set too would make a brilliant keep sake gift. If she is a writer, bring her a good pen or an excellent diary. If she is into cooking, gourmet sets or a gift hamper with wine and cheese will be a hit.

Safe gifts:

– Clothes. While there will be an odd bunch who is not into clothes (I still love you girls and admire your gift) most girlkind love to receive clothes, even if they don’t fit (that’s hardly a problem as they can use their girlie charm and exchange for whatever they like) they love the idea of receiving clothes. No amount of clothes are ever enough for us. Sogo ahead, if you are looking to grab a gift for us, go to the store we talk about the most or take a shot in the air and bring us a dress and we will love you dove you. (It’s true!)

Bling babes. While there are girls that are not into bling, they maybe into bling of another kind. Some girls prefer costume jewellery or the beaded bohemian stuff to make a statement as opposed to diamonds or pearls. So figure out what you have seen your girly wearing and shop accordingly.Is she a Phoebe Buffet or a Rachel Green?  Designer diva or street smart? Plan the spree keeping her in mind.

Bags galore. We can never have enough of them. We need them for various places and time. For vacations and work. For errands and when we want to dump a jerk, for brunches and leisurely lunches, for corporate meetings, for movies, for jogging, for a dinner date etc. So bring us a bag that will perhaps get us through atleast two of the above and we are glad. We are always trying to color co-ordinate and we are happy to add yet another bag in our closet as in all likelihood, the previous one is close to retirement.

A girly trick!

You really wanna hit bulls eye when gifting a girlie? Well, listen. Hang around weeks before the birthday or just listen when they are talking. They will probably end up giving away what they are intending to buy or they need (well that’s what we talk about a lot all the time, right? stuff we need, stuff we want and stuff we don’t need but we want). So if its a stole or a bag or pair of bathroom slippers, its sure to slip away.


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