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Of pigs n pennies. March 2, 2010


Purse funds coin collector

Purse funds coin collector

Motivate me!

Just like its easier n exciting to exercise with a sexy gym bag as arm candy and stylish new clothes, it’s also a lot easier to save if you have a pretty piggy!

Saving is “sweet”

I have been wanting to save for  a whole lotta stuff (the big flat tv hubby, diamond danglers for my mom, a zip zap zoom vroom car for moi, a Bora Bora vacation) but some how the savings keep slipping away into bags, shoes and bills (We just don’t know where money goes these days, do we?).

But now that I have a “good reason” a girly good reason if I may say that, I am going to save and save smart. I have the “Purse fund” – so it lets me save for a purse (ofcourse anything else too) Well its cute, its pretty and it has a ribbon on too….awwwwwww. As if the polka dots weren’t enough to make it a cutie. I saw it at the Crossword stores in Juhu the other day so I could really touch, feel and sense it before I bought one (You know we Indians like to touch and feel before we seal the deal!)

Go grab one for yourself or have it delivered gift wrapped to a friend.

Call Nisha on 98 20 49 7905


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