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7 “Feel Good” tips! March 2, 2010

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Damn it. You fought with someone on a train. Your boyfriends behaving like a jerk. Your mother is not being friend enough and your friend is starting to sound like your mother. What do you do? Where do you run? Girlie calm down. Take a deep breath. First get all that load off your shoulders(the bags, the jacket et al) and then we’ll work on cheering you up. Keep your bag aside, put your mobile on silent mode( you don’t want to end up venting on the next person who calls) and sit back.  

Preen n clean your way to wellness. If you are at home, its simple. A nice, soothing hot shower is all it takes for you to relax and calm down. Lock the door, tell everyone that you dont want to be disturbed, maybe turn on the radio and head to your own private spa. A hot water bath is so soothing, you will forget all about being bummed once you finish. Try it! 


Cream Comforts! However, if you are outside, start breathing (deeper the better) and get to the nearest ice-cream store and have a big dollop of your favourite ice-cream. So what is it that you like? Strawberry? Chocolaate Chip? Make that two scoops and start licking and enjoying your prize. Well, within minutes you would have forgotten all about the temper.

Plug out of the world and plug into the music. Dim the lights (trust me it works) put on the radio or your favourite tunes and just enjoy the music. Dance if you like, sing along is good too. Music makes people fall in love!  

Go “Spa” yourself. No am not talking about spending moolah to feel better. Just light up some candles, put on the instrumental cd lying at the back of your cd rack, burn some incense and bring in a bar of chocolate.  And if you have some flowers from your mom’s little nursery, utiliz the rose petals as you scatter them around you and feel the bliss. Ooh, that sounds better than heaven – I think am going to do it now!  




LOL. Am not  talking about chatting on your pc or your iPhone or whatever gadget you own, but have a good LOL with your favourite soap on TV. Watch Joey make a fool of himself of Phoebe sing at Central Perk. It’s sure to crack you up! Not working? How about some cartoon then? What did you grow upto? Tom and Jerry? Mickey Mouse? South Park? Simpsons? You know the drill.  



Shiney happy people. What are those? (The ones that make you smile DUH!) The ones who are always positive. Get hold of them. Being around +ve people means you feel good – its contagious! And once you find your bunch of positive people, make a point to be around them often and you will see yourself getting on the road to happiness. (Its not faff, its true and I tried it too!) 

Be a baby. Blow bubbles in your balcony. Make some popcorn in your oven and draw faces with JAM Squeeze on your bread slice. As silly as it may sound, it works. The simple joys of life are always a success!  

Hang in there. We all hurt sometime and its never for too long. This too shall pass and the sun will shine on you again! I promise 🙂 While the dark clouds may be scaring you a little, just BOO them away, will you?  

Jumpstart Joy!  

Got an awesome trick to feel good quick? Do share it with all the other girlies by commenting below. Life is to give and I give you all the joy you need, want and deserve….HUG 


2 Responses to “7 “Feel Good” tips!”

  1. Diksha Says:

    love dis one!a walk in the nearest park wid some good music,the soothing greens,smiling old couples takes the stress away too!
    a bowl of maggi wid lots of butter!
    sport,especially a run or a good swim alone can work wonders too!

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