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Wake up n smell the spring ! March 3, 2010

It’s spring. Oh it’s all so pretty(and pink?). The breeze, the beauty, the nature. the flowers. (Living in a concrete jungle like Iam? Then it’s a mindset. It’s not nature. It’s plain nasty. It’s dusty, polluted….hell but you can imagine for  few moments right) So when it’s spring, I spring clean (Ya I know we all do) and then I realize that my wardrobe is full of stuff I don’t need or I don’t wear or am finding difficult to let go off (Gosh! Do you have that kinda stuff too?)

The Spring-Store-y

Another seasons means time to shop. Another reason. Another season. Empty your wallets and walk home with big booty! And then my mobile phone is inundated with messages of the new stock that has been received and the amazing collection of tops and kurtis and casuals and blah. But am careful not too get distracted and I will only buy from my select few stores that I have tried and tested, instinctively invested in and am happy 🙂

Spring Specials Servings  (smoking hot off the racks)

So I like this one. It’s pretty and elegant too. I see myself wearing this on a romantic date (during the day ofcourse) a girly brunch or even to a casual evening house party or sorts (Ya I would don this one!) Get this one at

Karefree Kazo! (look at poster above)

While it’s ok to be all elegant and fit in, it’s also nice to let go and be yourself and show the world you are your own person. Kazo’s spring summer collection 2010 let’s you do that. A top full of fun n flirty red color hearts (which I bought btw. Remember I won that 1000k voucher so that’s how) with blue lines on its sleeve. A carefree casual top you can wear n walk out anytime.

Here are my two “Spring Specials”. Hope you like them! You are welcome to share yours with me and rest of the girlies. X0X0X0


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