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Your search for women’s day gifts end here. March 4, 2010

Well am not that gaga about women’s day but am always up for celebrating something. Got a celebration, call me over and I will happily be on board. Whether it’s just about you winning a small bet or cheering because you got your sunny side up eggs right or found that you have lost weight and pants fit! Let’s celebrate. And if you wanna dedicate an entire day to us (apart from valentines, mothers day, sisters day, daughters day. Is their a girlfriends day?) and have women’s day too, Iam joining the bandwagon. As girls, celebration = gifts (We are not materialistic but we like a “gift”). Gifts work for us. Even its a small chocolate or a hairband or a hand written card or pencil cover, we are glad for the thought. It counts. Gifts for us kick start the celebration and end it. The more gifts, the merrier the celebration gets. Now, on women’s day, you can get creative and get us what we really perhaps need (Rest of the year feed our desires and get us all we want but definitely don’t need and spoil us will you?). And we girlies can gift our girlfriends, our mom-inlaws, sister in-laws (perhaps break some laws too) and all the girlies we love.

Talash (means search)

I came across this website with lots of exciting gifts for girls. There’s everything from sarees to sphagettis, cosmetics n colognes, brooches n belts, go ahead take your pick ! It’s called and I got the direct link for you to swoop in there, grab your gift and gear up!


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