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Bag Booty March 5, 2010

Pic courtesy:

Pic courtesy:

Just today I was looking at my bag (A cool black color Baggit laptop bag and I receive many compliments for it. People say it looks classy and expensive and designer) and I think I want some variety. I mean there is nothing wrong with it. It’s in supreme condition. It rocks! I take it everywhere. I come back with home groceries in it even veggies sometimes and in the other compartment sits my laptop without complaining. But I feel I can do with a bit of color. And am in a mood to go bright this time. So when I received a text on my phone about Calonge receiving their new collection of woven leather bags – I had to sit up and smile. Well, now am not so sure if am definitely going to like something, but no harm in looking right (Anything for a kick out of window shopping)? Go ahead, you too can bring a new one home and say goodbye to your old hagbag. Visit Chinoy Mansion, Warden Road, Mumbai 36 or call them on 2369 6574


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