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Rocky “Road” ahead? March 6, 2010

Aah, the fun in catching a matinee show beats it all. The theaters are peaceful, the helpers are relaxed. The coffee smells good and the seats are empty (ofcourse there is an odd couple or two canoodling away) but the calm of catching a matinee show at your nearest theater – it’s awesome! Ever since I discovered the Rs 150 ticket for Inox for 10am shows. Iam hooked! I won’t pay  a penny more as then I also need coffee and popcorn or maybe samosa sometimes. I managed to catch Road movie today and also got back home intime for work. I quite like the movie. It’s slow but interesting. Abhay Deol as usual makes for great girl “Eye candy”. Slim and chic, he sizzles even in the middle of a desert where he has driven for hours together.  Satish Kaushik brings in the fun element and keeps you glued with his dialogue delivery and comic timing. The movie is arty so before you end up in diasspointment and expect an out and out bollywood movie and masala there. What I was really moved by were the colors in the film, the shades of the Indian mela (the fair), the moving cinema, the thirsty villagers and their helplessness; the entire road adventure which sadly didnt last too long but was an exciting journey nevertheless. A light popcorn flick with its comic bits – if you are looking for a halka phulka (nothing too heavy) movie to enjoy over the weekend or weekday – the movie provides for  a visual treat!


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