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Party Prep March 8, 2010

Hey sunshine! How was your weekend? Did you go to a party last night? Or stayed indoors watching the grand finale of RDLJ(Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge? And did you catch the Fun FilmFare Awards? Gosh, they were hilarious!). I tried to juggle it all but ended up going to Sunburn at Blue Frog instead. And I have to say I did enjoy the house tracks played by DJ Sultan. I never thought I had a thing for house music until last night. Anyway, the tragedy to go out begins when you realize you don’t know what to wear. Well, I discovered that at a pub, you can wear absolutely anything you want or you like (not your pink furry chappals though. Not even the rubber and plastic flip flops incase you were wondering!)

What to wear? Everything goes.

Everything goes when you are going clubbing or at a party – just wear it with confidence. Even if its a kurti you have worn as a knee length dress, do it in style and make it look like a million bucks. Trust me, its true. This maynot be the case with the party curcuit a few years ago – but now, you can get away with murder. Wear whatever you like, however you like, it’s all good. (Just watch the place, think of the people and stay within limits alright?)

Cinderella Frills!

A pristine white foot long dress with a cross pack and frills all over. BIG SURPRIZE! This goes too. You wanna make it look casual and boho? Carry a rucksack along and you are all set to be Sheryl Crow on the go! A pretty pair of flats (or heels if you please) will put you on that pedestal.

A halter neck with hot pants! Sounds kinda casual? But works like magic. Boy you better sport oodles of attitude to carry this one off. Step into pumps or gladiators or chic moccassins and you will turn out to sport a casual n carefree look. Bag not necessary, a tiny clutch however goes well.



Balloon dress: Oh! I love balloon dresses. They make me feel so ultra girly. Yea, ultra girly! Feminine n fun, the balloon dress is one of the most comfortable outfits to wear at evening do’s. Ofcourse, just check if you have body to carry it off. Just because its in your closet or on the racks doesnt mean it fits.

Jazzy Jumpsuits: Aaah. They are so adorable. Denim ones or non-denim ones, jumpsuits are one of those attires you can wear them absolutely anywhere and accessorise according to occasion. Just make sure your jumpsuit is not “just fit” as you might have a problem getting in an out of it when you use the rest room (If you know what I mean. It can be hard if you are a few drinks down babe)

Flirt in a skirt!  Women underestimate the power of a skirt. A skirt lets you be a girl again. Innocent, sweet, flirty, feminine but above all, a lot of fun! Thinking of going with a skirt?Make it a little mini if you please. Denim skirts paired with slinky racker backs or halter tie-up strings are perfect to party all night in.

So, here I was at a party and I saw hunderds of women all dressed up so differently and uniquely and I thought, wow! looks likes there is no “dress code” for us women after all. Time to ditch the gool ol (or boring ol jeans) and bring out those dresses and skirts!

Glitter Girls!

And if you are going to a nighty night club, carry something that glows and is glittery. Dabbing some shimmer is good, even your younger brothers glowing sunglasses or that finger ring that you made fun of will let you “be with” the crowd! Go girly! Get with it!

Party Prep Pointers!

Well, just because you feel “I have nothing to wear” don’t go ahead and splurge thousands away to dress you up for one night. Yes, I know the dress will come to good use but there are chances that you can make the best of all that’s there in your closet and create a fine looking outfit. Just give it a little thought!

Feeling understated? Be yourself. Just because its a night at a club you need not go ballistic on your outfit and look blingy. While a club means fun, you cant have any unless you be yourself. If you feel like dressing down, do it. If that means wearing a dress and no accessories. It’s ok. A watch would do or just a little make-up on would prep you up for a party!

It’s ironic that to unwind and have fun, we girlies go through hours or sometimes days of prep – well that’s how we are and we wouldnt have it any other way. So when you do land up at that party after all that dressing and making up, make sure you have a whale of a time!


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