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Wonder Women’s Day ! March 9, 2010

Yesterday being women’s day 8th March, my phone was inundated with texts about how we are good daughters, wives, girlfriends, sisters and how we deserve to celebrate this special day in great style. Well, I did celebrate it in my way by window shopping and shopping and also trying to barge into the practice session of Mumbai Indians at CCI Brabourne Stadium.  But I wasn’t very lucky this time. I was quietly told to leave and said that no photographs or autographs. So I said to myself, but a girl can always shop right!  And I set off on my “feel good” escapade. I brought home a little something for my room – a beautiful lamp cum candle stand from Maspar. It’s blue and it matches with my walls and bedspreads too. I also got a pair of bright red gladiators from Colaba Street (they have some awesome stuff and all for Rs 150/-) – that sure did a lot for me on women’s day. Did you do anything that made you happy too? I’d love to know. Meanwhile, I have  beautiful issue of Just for woman magazine which is now available on stands. You can also read an article or two on


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