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Chic Clothes. Girlie Goodies. Beautiful Bling! Etc.

A “good girl” buddy! Shopping spree. Spring stock et al. March 11, 2010

She smiles and light up your heart. She is soft and sensitive. She is empathetic but not intrusive. She is vulnerable yet fun ! She is homely, warm, friendly and always there when you need a hug and want to share a light hearted conversation. Do you have a friend like that too? Well, I do. And I sure feel glad to have her in my life. While most people have 3am buddies, I choose not to disturb people at that hour – I’d rather have a girlie hour with a friend over brunch or a cup of coffee and dessert early evening. Well, that’s what I did today. We caught up over cappucino and then decided to go window shopping which turned into a “Shopping Spree” for both ! She needed an outfit for to attend a friends mehendi ceremony and she got a gorgeous kurti from Aseesa at Colaba while I too picked up a black full sleeve kurta – slightly long that I can don for meetings, while teaching etc. A girls gotta have those kinds too you know.

Spring Stock

We then set off on a walking spree on Colaba street where we surveyed some shoe stores. She was on a look out for a good pair of gladiators. We looked around for both street maal as well as designer brand ones. Suede shoes, a store on Colaba Causeway was a pleasant surprize with the most astounding collection of flat and heeled gladiators in a myriad of colors and shapes. Short ones and full ankle length ones – they had the entire collection. Surprizingly, their collection of gladiators overshadowed the rest of the shoes.

Reebok too has some exciting sports wear, fitness gear that you can use while running, jogging or your daily fitness walk etc. Similarly, Fab India has a cool and summery collection of skirts both long ones and short. Plain soothing whites to pastel colors, choose your own favourite one for the season. So that was the spring summary of stock!

Did you too come across some awesome Spring Summer stuff? Do share the news and spread the joy. We girls love it!


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