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No save. No rave. March 11, 2010



A girl’s gotta save and am learning the importance of saving. Thankfully not the hard way! But well in time before I reach dire straits. Earlier, I would receive a cheque, not even wait for it to clear and start shopping for stuff I want and don’t need (That’s fine but so long as you save!).
So long as you save!
Although it’s ok to shop and even to be a shoppaholic (Or Sophie Kinsella) but only when you have little drops consistently going into your Piggy’s tummy!
Saving is supreme. It gives you freedom but makes you responsible too. Our dad’s maybe kind and boyfriends generous but we have to grow up someday and learn the importance of saving!

Save n Rave ! Top 7 reasons to save!

Fikar not! To leave  tension free life. You never have to worry about paying premiums and bouncing cheques. Spend without worrying as your bank balance is not “zero”

Don’t beg or borrow! You will never have to. To save means to be independent. No begging or borrowing!

Call it quits. Thinking of quitting your job and bidding goodbye to your Bullying Boss? You won’t have to think twice if you “SAVE NOW”

Impulsive buys! Aaah. This will be easy. Love that “Awesome” top and how it flatters your figure? Now you can act on impulse and buy it as you have been saving all this while.

Getaway. Need a quick getaway to another city? Got an emergency? Or a friends impromptu wedding? Spend without a blink as your regular saving habit will let you feel comfortable about your bank balance.

Needy buddies. Got to help a buddy in need? Remember how you wanted to help but were broke yourself?  What is a friend without some fun n finance? Save those extra bucks and maybe you can lend them to a needy buddy.

Surprize presents! Remember how you want to plan that special surprize for your mum or your neighbour but your piggy bank won’t say yes! Call the shots n take control. Save now so you never have to think twice before you wanna have fun!

Ready to save? Take half the amount that’s currently in your fancy designer (or no label) wallet and feed the Piggy in your closet. Do this every day! Be generous and add some big notes too. At the end of the month “take home a salary and a bonus” (And hug your big fat piggy)for you, by you!

Save so you can rave!


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