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What’s your wedding story? March 12, 2010

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You know how we love to talk all about our wedding and how he popped the question; how the dress turned out to be  better than we expected and how it was all perfect! Well, what if you could share all the joy (which you love to do at the drop of a hat) and win prizes? Aha! Sounds too good to be true? Here’s the dope.

Share. Submit. Win.

Win Rs 1500 for answering just three questions and sharing your wedding story with Lamhe! Indeed, these stories — festive, chaotic, sentimental and ultimately unforgettable — are what ultimately make every wedding special. We want to hear from you about the stories that made your wedding special. Maybe it was the location? Maybe it was the guests who attended? Or maybe the gifts you received made it special?


Tell Lamhe your wedding story and get a chance to win some great prizes.

■If we like your story, it will appear on this blog as a Featured Story and you will win a Rs 250 gift certificate — GUARANTEED — for a luxurious lifestyle shopping experience at Lamhe.

Log on to for more.


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