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Punjabee – Preity March 13, 2010

Are you bitten and smitten by the cricket IPL 2010 bug too? Well, all the boys in my home and home town are. Right from 30 to 60 they are all hooked and so is my mother in law. That leaves me out. Well I can get a little girly when it comes to Cricket too. Yea, I push my girly ways. If its Dhoni then I will watch or if its SRK’s team playing then am there because I get to see SRK too. So am not really there for the game you see – am there for the star power.  I also scream when there are boundaries, rest of the time I prefer being nonchalant and perhaps sip on Coke or just pretend to cheer and be all excited. And while I caught the glimpse of the match today when Kings 11 Punjab was playing, I spotted the pritttty Punjabbbe (with a stiff upper lip) kudi Preity Zinta. Boy! She looked amazing. It was really very simple what she wore. A patiala salwar (am curious whether it was cotton lycra or cotton it fit so well) and a long jersey-tee (which fit her like  a 3/4th kurta)  to support her team. Not only was her outfit sporty but really Indian and fun! Mrs. Kundra may want to learn a lesson or two?


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