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When the pants fit ! March 16, 2010

I have always been a lean machine from the age of 5 uptil now (am 26 btw incase you were wondering) well there inbetween bouts of baby fat when I went through happy years and good times and went eating without seeing what’s in my plate and no excercise obviously but I really couldnt care as I had never ever seen an ounce of weight on my body and there was also a time when I was desperate for it. But I did get my curves sooner or later. Well the point is – you reach a stage where you either excercise to stay fit or you let go and that’s the end of your fab bod. And from the past few weeks I have realized that if I still want to feel droolworthy or just a normal healthy fit individual, I need to run. I need to walk. I need to jog or do anything that let’s me burn my calories and keeps me in decent shape. Iam not expecting 6 packs and bikini model body (although that will be hot) but am happy in keeping trim at the right places (if you know what I mean) so yesterday I decided to walk home instead of cabbing it up. I would have walked (briskly) a good 3-4kms and boy I was happy at the end. I was sweating. I was tired and it felt good. What’s more! My body was happy. It gave me a high five! And told me I should do this daily!

What’s your fun n girly excercise story? What motivates you? We all could do with a pointer or two!

P.S. And when the pant’s fit and the dresses embrace your body oh so nicely, you know you are doing something right ! 🙂


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