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Bipasha did a BooBoo! March 18, 2010

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The bungalee babe has been in the news lately for being fit and all but I have a little piece of gossip on her. Not the best one if you are  a die hard fan of Ms. Basu. I was at a friend’s 50th birthday party yesterday and that’s where I met a wee bit discontented member of her society. She told us how BB aka Bonnie (as fondly called) is not just irresponsible but also completely oblivious to the environment around her. While she was busy doling out crores of rupees to do up her la dee dah terrace apartment, she did not realize how much water was being used up and as a result there was no drinking water available to the rest of the society.  Finally madame had to be brought to book – and confronted – not just confronted but also asked to compensate the society members for the overuse of electricity as a good 100 people(labourers) travelled the lift up and down daily to build her palatial mansion. Sounds like the Bips you know from the post interval Bachna Ae Haseeno na? Well, the buzz is if she decides to sell her terrace flat in her building, the residents are ready to buy it as no one’s to keen on having her live there. Bipasha darling, time to inject a wee bit compassion and care not just for you and Johnny boy but also for fellow residents. Ever heard of  “Love thy neighbour”?


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