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Superman to the rescue! March 24, 2010

How we all girls love to be rescued by SUPER MAN and BAT MAN! You know the Superhero fantasy stuff? Well, let’s face it – our real life heros are some what far from fantasy heroes but can play the role sometime right? (If you know what I mean)

It’s play time!

Remember how I wrote about the quirky stuff@ PlayClan Delhi? Well, guess things are getting quirkier in here.  Well, the latest and most exciting dough they have come up with is Superhero undies! They are fun, wild, cute n really pretty (If I can say that! Iam a girl, I like pretty)

Now I know you are all LOL but you definitely want to get your hands on these adorable things.

If you too want to get them for your boy toy, go ahead pick these lovelies up on They are priced between Rs 600 – Rs 700


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