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Puma – thongs turn on the heat but that’s about it! March 24, 2010

Puma by Aki Narula

Puma by Aki Narula

Well Puma as a brand has always shown me great promise – but I have to say I wasn’t excited at all after seeing their Spring-Summer collection 2010. Same old. Nothing new. Bags remained the 2008-09 designs whereas the clothes were tees in different colors (well if that works for you go ahead, I expect more from Puma) I was looking out for sleeve less jerseys, clothes that I can cool off in during summer. Something more interesting, more innovative.

Terrific Thongs!

 What I do love is their thong slippers in fun n flourescent shades priced at a modest 1500/- (For Puma its modest) These are bright screaming strappy flat beach slippers (And I was looking for a pair! It’s a sign)

Go ahead Puma, surprize me with your next collection, prove me wrong and make me get loads of you home once again! You will always have that special place in my wardrobe!


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