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Sail away to Sentosa March 24, 2010

Take a sip of red wine, bite into the chocolate cake, feed each other sweet nothings, and a romantic moment you will create! (Iam not a poet and I know it)

Aah. Holidays let you unwind, dinner dates let you feel the passion come alive but how often do we get to travel or reconnect? Isn’t it crazy? The work pressures mounting, the salaries all going away into EMI’s and taxes.

Sail away to Sentosa!

Well, what if I’d say that you could win a paid holiday to Sentosa Island for you and your beloved? Awwww I can hear you scream already! Well. I know the odds are always against you but they won’t work for you either if you don’t try and participate! All you have to do is, share your fav moment with a pic, a caption and a brief description.

Log on to for details !


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