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Wear Kareena’s clothes! March 25, 2010

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I love discovering places that underrated and discovering a treasure trove of exciting goodies! That’s precisely what happened yesterday. I finished my work and went girly galavanting and I swear (I really do) I had no plans to shop but I ended up (Oopsie!) I went to KalaGhoda and decided to sample the stuff at Globus! Boy! Amongst all the untidy piles and unorganized not so exciting looking racks there is amazing stuff for all us girlies.

Sexy Stuff!

There are beautiful fusion wear kurtis, tunics and even tube tops with doris. There are jumpsuits, beautiful beach wear, comfy knee length skirts in stripes and pastels to gear you up for summer and that’s not all – the customer service spoils you rotten here! They are friendly, helpful (not over bearing) and offer you great assistance when you need colors or sizes or even accessories for your outfit. No wonder Kareena endorses you (I mean Globus) And with Globus around in Sobo I feel like I have a piece of the burbs with me! What’s more, the prices are cheaper than a branded high street store  but a tad expensive than your normal rastewalla retailer or wholesaler but “good quality”. Now what else does a girlwant! I say – go all out and grab the goodies at Globus before the best is sold out!

P.S. Also look out for their head gear, scarfs and bands. A whole lot of choice in various budgets. Suit yourself!


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