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Mad o Wat? March 27, 2010

Well who would call their salon “Mad o wat”? Ermm. Sapna Bhavnani would!
She doesn’t confirm. She doesn’t do a page 3 salon owner on you. She is what she is and her haircuts say it all! If you too want to get a piece of her, here’s the code word “Catowot”? (Well that’s you gotta  say in your sexiest tone)
Say it sexy and you will land yourself with a 20% discount at the Sexy Sindhi Siren’s Salon at Bandra!
The dope!
Call madowot to book your appt and say the code word “catowot” and get a 20% discount. You have to say “catowot” is your funniest accent or it will not be accepted…
02265290289 / 88

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