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Radio GAGA March 30, 2010


Loyal Listener

I have always been a Radio Girl ! Not just been listening to my fav tunes but also winning big too (I have mentioned about my lucky streak before, havent I;) While earlier I used to listen to Gofm – things changed when it became Radio One and things changed further when FEVER104fm started. I simply loved Divya and Rohini’s show. Even Abhinav was someone I enjoyed listening to. Moreover, it was the kind of music played on their station that got me hooked! (And I have been the loyal listener since then)

Radio makes me happy!

Love to tune into the songs and Rj’s when am travelling or working, helps me unwind, gives me great songs to work out too – and am addicted ! More than the music on my iPod, I prefer the high energy live environment and not knowing what track will be played next!

With Sidhu in the studios!

Well, I won again ! Not just a 1000rs. shopping voucher from Big bazaar but also a chance to host the show live with RJ Sidhu (One of my favourite RJ’s from the current crop) He is so spontaneous, fun, funny, you can’t help but enjoy your post lunch hours and perk them up with his energy and entertainment. So there I was sitting with him – talking all about how Iam a writer  and how I also teach little kids. His producer Himani Kanitkar was also with us and she was a sweetheart all along!  I tell you it was a fabulous experience – and then I met RJ Rishi Kapoor too (You should listen to that line that plays on the station where Ranbir Kapoor says “Yeh mera baap nahin, yeh sab ka baap hai” It’s going to crack you up, I swear! And yes his real name is Rishi Kapoor and he hosts the 5pm to 9pm slot every evening!

What’s your favourite RADIO?

You know what, am going to try and get the audio and share it with you, meanwhile am so excited about this that I can’t wait to hear what you think of Fever104fm? Is that your favourite too? Which station do you listen to and why? Give me all the gyan, girlie is waiting !


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