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Going to miss the drama! March 31, 2010

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I hate it when something or someone we love or like so much goes away. MJ died and the music with him. The FRIENDS comedy ended (although repeats seem like they’ll go on forever) and today I got an sms about DRAMA QUEEN, one of my favourite tiny Bandra stores shutting down. I feel the pain. Iam sad. There is a lump in my throat. It won’t be there anymore when Iam in Bandra next bonding with my babes. I made it a point to visit every time I hit Bandra, although that’s not often. But you know what, I still love their other store Karma Kola and nothing can take away their cool, kitschy, crazy stuff!

While Drama Queen couldn’t sustain the drama, here’s wishing Karma Kola with great KARMA!


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