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Being Cyrusi. April 29, 2010

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Nauheed Cyrusi

Nauheed Cyrusi

Not too sunny, not too bright! The day was just right and the timing was perfect. No meetings. No classes. Only my girls and a leisurely lunch!

Lunchin. Brunchin!

Today was a girly day when three of us got together in Sobo, caught up over wine, coffee and digged into some cheese cakes. Basically, we found the perfect way to beat the summer blues as we window shopped, spent quality time and also did some celeb spotting. Now what’s with me and celeb spotting these days! I tell you these celebs can’t get enough of me. Stop following me everywhere now will you!

Nauheed Cyrusi –  too hot for the camera???

Here we were at Basilico at Colaba chomping on dessert when Nauheed Cyrusi walked in for a meeting. On her way out, I quickly rushed and asked her if she’d pose for and the sweet girlie that she is, she readily agreed! Aaaah. Now that’s what I call a sport! She made our day. She was even sweet enough to crack a joke or two about my camera which apparently had smoke coming out of it when I clicked her! Now, is Nauheed too smokin hot for my cam or is my cam giving me signs that I need to follow. Nauheed was last spotted in the movie Kurbaan (she pretty  much looked  the role she played) and the performance was not bad either! We wonder where the pretty parsi damsel will be seen next…


Palladium = Celebdome. Bodyshop, Bodyguards et al April 28, 2010

Rahul Mahajan at BodyShop, Palladium, Phoenix Mills

Rahul Mahajan at BodyShop, Palladium, Phoenix Mills


Today was clearly a Celeb day at Palladium. With the amount of celeb spotting  that happened; I should have taken an entire journo crew along. Or maybe not. I think am happy being the loner lass 🙂 I l like it that way. Don’t feel so sad for me. I wasn’t completely by myself there. Well, I was@Palladium again (3 days in a row) and this time as hubby’s laptop had to be fixed and so we headed out to the Apple Store.  And the shoppaholic cum journo that Iam, I snooped my way into a store opening. It was H. Ajoomal’s flagship jewellery store. More on that coming later! 

Happy Honeymooners!  

Now, here’s the juicy stuff. The gossip we all want to know about!The most fun part my fun visit was that I spotted Rahul Mahajan with his petite wife Dimpy Ganguly Mahajan and her entire family including parents and sisters shopping up a storm at BodyShop. Hmmm. Now, I did hear rumours about their break up and divorce recently. Did you? Thanks to their entourage of bodyguards, all I could get for you is this! But you do recognize the head right? I mean, it’s trademark Rahul Mahajan! He was dressed in a black shirt and trouser whereas she was in a pair of casual jeans and tee. The sindoor in the maang was dark and I could spot it from meters away. Looked like she was having a great time picking up beauty goodies while hubby dearest footed the bill. 


More celeb spotting! 

Gul Panag walked out smart n sexy dressed in a millitary shade knee-length trench dress with Anita Dongre as they were involved in some serious discussion! Girls I tell you! 


Also spotted at the H. Ajoomal opening were Shaina NC, Shabana Azmi, Nishka Lulla, Chaya Momaya et al. 

P.S. Girlie seriously regrets the quality of pics. I know it’s quite a “Guess who” pic! But she tried. She will try harder next time! XXOO


Go Girly Go:Don’t take things “sitting down”!

Because life’s greatest adventure shouldn’t be finding a bathroom!

Women love quaint and cute things that make their life convenient! Now, here’s yet another one of those  pink things that trust me you will marvel at. It’s more sophisticated and classy than any gadget. your better half will own!

This girly goodie is perfect for pregnant and senior ladies. Perhaps you can gift one to your friend who is on the family way. A thoughtful gift, don’t you think?



What is GO-GIRL?

It is a FUD or a female urinating device that you can take anywhere you go! And you don’t have to take things lying down anymore. Basically you can stand and relieve yourself where you please (putting it mildly)

What is Go-girl? How to use it?  See

In Mumbai, pick up Go-girl at Basecamp, Grand Galleria, Phoenix Mills.


Happy@Hamleys April 27, 2010

I ran into an old friend from school the day before yesterday. Where else? On facebook ofcourse! And she told how some of our other common friends have just delivered babies and how the rest of them are expecting. After listening to this, I felt wow! That’s great! I an certainly excited for them. However, Iam not sure if they will feel the same excitement for me anytime soon. Iam not ready to share my toys with anyone yet, let alone buy them for someone else. Iam still the baby. And quite a happy one at that. Hopefully, all the girls in their mid 20s can say this with great pride.

Teary eyes and awww moments in Toy Land!

Now, at first I thought it would be just another big toy store (Hamleys, Phoenix Mills). Wait a min, it turned out to be quite a slick version of la la land. I mean my la la land (the one that existed so far) was no where close to real thing. Here, there was the Barbie girl track playing in the back ground, a staff member was blowing bubbles away in one corner, another guy was happy to show you how magical pens worked and he was more enthusiastic than you are and not hardselling mind you! There were kids moving around in their bikes and I had to keep my clumsy moves in check.

Hamley Highlights!

It’s hard but I’d still pick out the best for you. The mini aquarium, the boomrang, the tea-sets, the kitchen sets! They are all my favourite.

I think, the next time I pay a visit, Iam coming back with some smart travel games in compact and handy boxes that they stocked. The good thing about Hamley’s is that its not just for kids, you have your collection of Scrabble, Monopoly, Backgammon etc.

I think I already know what I want my birthday! 🙂 Well, its 6 months away but I plan for it way in advance. Isn’t that what all girls do?


Summer bling n jingling! April 25, 2010

Rangbirangi Bangles, Fab India KalaGhoda

Rangbirangi Bangles, Fab India KalaGhoda


Summer is heating up in Mumbai city and there is nothing to really do unless you are an IPL fan. You obviously can’t roam the streets or eat out during the day unless you want to become a baked dish yourself! However, what you can do is hit the malls, catch a flick or two!. I mean the least I can do to beat the blues is get myself something nice n spunky to brighten up my days! (Ok I need yet another reason to shop but what the hell! Iam a girl and its my birthright!)

Bangle Jing Bang!

Bangle Jing Bang!

Baby gets bling!

The other day I stumled upon a set of bright electric bangles at Fab India, KalaGhoda and I couldn’t help myself. Don’t they look pretty one me? Well, I can mix n match, use some colors, remove some depending upon what Iam wearing! Howzzat? Pretty rocking I think!

Bangle Box ?

Bangle Box ?

Bangles need a box! (And I need to shop more!)

After my stint there, I made my way to Tappu ki Dukaan at Fountain. I was looking for a casserole for home which I found at Akbarallys and then I said to myself since am here I might as well hit the quirky gift store. And I came back with another Un-real Nariyal and  Neil Danta tee which says “Bus kya”! Got to love this one!

Girls love bangles!

Incase you have a friend’s b’day or mehendi coming up, a simple and charming gift would be to pack off these dozen bangles in this nariyal and present it to your girlie! Isn’t it cute? I would love to receive this as a gift. Well, its great I got it then!


Black is back! April 24, 2010

OOh! I had a grrreat Saturday so far ! I went to Mommies, had amazing home food (Mom rocks!) and got some business done in Bandra too. And when I returned, there was a cool n sassy prize waiting for me from a contest I had entered with Rolling Stones magazine! Yup! I win a lot. Don’t envy me as I don’t use most of it. Life is about giving remember? And the cherry on the cake? My mil was kind enough to give me a soft n lovely velvet cloth as a gift today (its like this awesome piece of velvet from Dubai I think! )and I could make anything I want out of it! You got some ideas?

Email me on and simply comment on this post! I’d love to know what you have in mind 🙂

Love you and have  a supah weekend!


A-tisket a-tasket – my Yellow Yellow basket! April 22, 2010

Storage Basket, Vividha

Storage Basket, Vividha


It was a sign. A signal from god that took my footsteps to a new store that opened yesterday. No I didnt know about this time. Have you heard of Vividha Everything Kids? Well, yes its one of my things. I like going to kids stores. No am not planning a kid. I dont have baby nephews and nieces that I like to shop for. I just feel that you get the most interesting and prettiest things in a kids store. So here I was at Crossword Kemps Corner and I climbed up the first store. Viola! The store had just opened and I was the first customer. Can that be right? Yes it was or so the sales person said. “Mam, we just opened and you are our first customer”. I gloated in silence. Gorgeous Girlie had to make to a new store after all before anyone else did, so what if its a kids store. And here’s what I came home with! I simply love it! Great to keep on your bedside to store your lil lip balm or even scrunchies! It’s tiny as it looks so don’t make big plans to store your things in it. All good things come in small packages and this one comes in a pale blue shade too! Cost: Rs 65/- wonly !