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Girl got herself a Geanie! :) April 1, 2010

Colaba Creature!

Iam a complete Colaba Creature! (Not a townie! I am not particularly for their kind) Well what does that mean? – It means that I love exploring the place. Even though I live here, the people and the things never fail to surprize me. And if you really want to make most of Colaba, hit the streets and not the high street stores (Although the latter are good too but the real flavour is never from the a/c and the gloss; its from all that’s not!). It’s here where you’ll find the real stuff, the true treasures, the vintage Mumbai (Bombay) and yes you can bargain away! So yesterday on my quest to quench my evening thirst and satiate my hunger (am the evening hungry kinds, i can’t eat those big breakfasts unless ofcourse if am at a five star hotel, then things are different or perhaps on holiday; oh am going on one soon! Yippe! But more on that later) I hopped into Cab asked him “Colaba”? and dashed off to the market. I got off at Wills Lifestyle nr. Colaba market and decided to do walk the street; it was 8.30pm already and some stores (the hi-fly ones) were shutting shop but the street vendors they were all gung ho as this is the time when all the women folk return from work and college and tuition and dates and come to their street store!


Will all my wishes come true?

In all that mayhem and heat, the people brushing against each other, tea vendors dashing away to with treys to meet their deadlines, I walked leisurely on the pavements of Colaba admiring the beads, the bling, the interesting and colorful array of junk jewellery that crowded the stalls. Guess what I spotted? Aladdin’s magic lamp! Isn’t that amazing? I dont know but there is something really mysterious and magical about owning that lamp. It takes you back to the fairy land and the first time you ever heard the story and how your marvelled at the geanie and the wishes!

I couldnt help but buy myself two lamps. One for a friend and one for someone special ! If you too think you are keen on the lamp, send me an email and I will tell you exactly the stall to get it from. The price? It’s cheaper than a movie ticket these days.

Magical Moment

I feel like something magical might happen. I feel luckier with that lamp in my home. I wonder where life will take me next ?:)


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