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Win Vogue Subscriptions! April 1, 2010

If I were you, I’d do anything to bag myself a Vogue Subscription! It’s got so much stuff in it. I mean look at all those clothes for eye candy. The places to go to the celebs and their beauty secrets, fashion trends to follow (not like I follow all but it’s always good to know right?) So I came across (Seems like a girly site to go to this week) and they are giving Vogue subscriptions away. The contests? Oh, it’s right down! Look!

The dope!

As the temperatures are soaring it is time to bring those dresses out and shake a leg! Whether its partying at a club, a quiet dinner or a get together at a friend’s place. Show us how you dress up for a “Friday Night Out”

The best dressed look wins a year’s subscription to Vogue!


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