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IPL – CCI gossip! April 2, 2010

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Girlies got gossip and this time its straight from the inside! Yup – directly from one member to another. Share it your friends and fam over chai this afternoon. Here goes!

Well this is not the first time that I have heard about a Mayhem in CCI club (they are known to grab and fight when they don’t need to but they like to) but this is perhaps one of the funniest. Now we are all aware of how prestigious it is to be a member of CCI (Is it?) Ok apparently it is. And how the elitest and richest and blah blah bloo blay have a membership here. The same elite could learn a lesson or two about etiquette from their friends that own finishing schools.

Ticket to IPL!

It so happened that the tickets were being given out at the counter for members and spouses. On every independent member card you get one pass – so the members here thought (well most of them think they own the world – trust me they do)  let’s make the most of it and let’s GO GRAB!

Around 7 of them landed up with atleast 10-15 cards each all stapled together with authority letters and decided to create a racket in the queue. Now it’s fine to ask for a ticket for every card that you have but it’s also good to behave while in a queue and follow some rules. The me first me first soon turned into an ugly fight and the cops had to step in! Oops! There goes the prestige of the so called Sophisticated SOBO club. The ticket issuers had to reluctanly stop issuing the tickets thanks to the grace shown by the SECRET SEVEN members!

It would be nice if the members lived up to the splendid club and all it has to offer. The only thing that’s nice about the club is the staff, the waitors, the chefs, the librarians, the salon managers – and ofcourse the spectacular five star resort that CCI is in the middle of Churchgate. The people? The less said the better.


2 Responses to “IPL – CCI gossip!”

  1. Bhakti Says:

    good one sak… most of these so-called elitist people living in cream areas do not know how to behave… once 2 pali hills residents picked a fight over parking n one of them shoved a gun at the other… thats the height… probably the hilly Pali inspiring them..

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