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When in Rome, fall in love! April 4, 2010

You know when you have an intuition about the movie that it’s going to be good and fun and you will love it whether or not the reviews reccomend it or not.

Well I felt this about “When in Rome”. I read the story line briefly and I said to myself that I must see it.

I should see it because of the foll. reasons

– I love Europe

– I love chick flicks

– I haven’t seen a chick flick in a while

– I am going off on a week long holiday tonight and it would be a perfect and rosy start to that ! πŸ™‚

So yeah, I had a whole bunch of reasons and boy I don’t regret that I saw the movie. Well it’s certainly not spectacular and does not meet the brilliant cinema norms but its surely an entertainer. Its a family movie. You can take your not so adult siblings along, your parents or in-laws or whoever wants to hop in to munch n movie with you! But who will you most enjoy it with? Of course the girlies. Now did I really have to spell it out. Naaah. You’re smart! When in Rome does have its comic moments. Well in short, its about this girl who is a complete workaholic (sounds like me) and how she’s looking for that perfect guy (Except that I have found mine πŸ™‚ who she would love more than her work and does she find him? Aha! You have to see the movie for this one (If you ask me, she finds him and she doesn’t! So yeah. There isΒ  a catch!) . Beth, the protagonist is an art curator and she happens to be in the famous fountain of love (all smashed btw) and what happens when she picks up some of the coins that people had thrown in as a wish? Hmmmm. I think I have you all interested eh? Well, you should go see the movie for the rest of it. Don’t read the reviews and ratings if you love a complete girly chick flick movie – just gang up the girls and go! And I’d love to know what you thought of it. You hated it? Post it here. You loved it? I’d like to know that too. Ok, then time to get myself a cup o JAVA.


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