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I feel like a Japanese wife April 13, 2010

Except that I don’t look it and also I don’t know how to knit. I have also been in the “long distance relationship” stuff for years so I know what it’s like to send hand written letters, big gift parcels, counsel on health matters over the phone etc. Yes am talking about the character of Miyagi in Aparna Sen’s Japanese wife. A movie that I have been able to appreciate after a long time. No chick flick. No masala. No mayhem. Only relationships stirred Sen style! Remember her 15th Park avenue and portrayal of love, well it gets better this time; except this one doesn’t leave you all sad and confused but you walk out with a smile and a sense of joy in your heart. It’s a girls movie. It’s made by a sensitive film maker and I feel you should see it. See it for the love, the bond, the commitment, the feelings, the subtleties. I promise you’ll like it. Not a great flick but surely better than a chickflick 😉


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