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No “Miss Mumbai”. Iam “Miss MBK!” April 13, 2010

Baby went to Bangkok!

Ok remember how I said I was taking a vacation? (Well I took off and then I couldnt access the net so I couldnt blog but now am back) Well what a vacation it was! It was one of those that I never wanted to end. Not because I was so relaxed but only because I shopped till I dropped (and this time no budgets were ruined) Infact I came back with access moolah! Yep! Baby went to Bangkok and discovered every girl’s shopping paradise – MBK Mall. Now this place is too good to be true. Its almost unreal. It’s better than la la land. It’s got stuff that I thought could never be made. And if it could, I never thought it could be priced this way – I mean I felt like paying more money than the price tag for once! (Ya I was feeling a wee bit generous there but the moment I landed in Mumbai, I zipped my purse tight. Iam never buying expensive stuff ever again. Ever!)

While in BKK. Head to MBK!

Located at the National Stadium station of the mono rail, MBK is in the main city area of Bangkok. Pls allow atleast 2-3 visits on different days to this mall. This is not like another mall in India but 10 malls clubbed into one! Expect designer shops but only a handful, the rest is a wholesale market, small stalls – where everthings beautiful and bargainable! It’s a land where shopping thrives, girls strive to get the best and the maximum they can as they dont know when they’ll return here again next in their lives…(Ok I know am getting poetic, but the place is such)

Exploring MBK!

Never ask which floors to go(as you have to go to each one atleast thrice and spend 2-3 hours on an average) to but never miss the 5th floor – the food court with blissful local sea food (cheap as low as 35 baht) and wholesale shoes, belts, trousers, gifts et al.

Here’s a tip! Do smile at every local/salesman/sales girl. Be friendly while you bargain and dont try to be too crude or get the better of them and if you do, dont be surprized if you get a cold shoulder!

Must buy? bags n shoes n bags n shoes n bags n shoes n bags n shoes n bags n shoes (Get the drift?)


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