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“Sail” of a time! April 15, 2010

I’ve always had an affinity towards sailing stuff. From anchor charms to sailor dresses, Popeye the sailor cartoon series et al. Well, yes it does have to do with my dad being a sailor but I think there’s something more to it and when I do figure what it is, I will share it with you; meanwhile! I need to tell you how to spend a super girlie (or love-dovey) hour (not shopping) but this time “Sailing”  (No not for a weekend cruise) but just around the Mumbai Harbour. It’s one of the most underrated experiences. I swear! It takes you away (well literally) Its peaceful yet thrilling. It’s exciting yet relaxing. If you want to getaway, not too far and return in a matter of a few hours – well try the Aquasail Yacht Cruise will you?


Feeling adventurous? Need an adrenalin rush? Not quite ready to sky dive or bungee jump yet? Sail smooth!  and you will truly cherish every moment. Aquasail organizes sailing excursions and training courses if you want to learn how to sail or just cruise along with your friends and family!

My sailing soiree

I took one yesterday as I took my special someone for a two hr cruise from Gateway of India, Mumbai.

Our trainer/sailor on the boat was Dough (Hope I have spelt that one correctly) friendly, fun and so passionate about his craft, he made the entire experience a pleasureable one. Am I going sailing again with them? Oh yes, Iam.

Next weekend, instead of heading out for a movie or visiting the bar? Set sail and explore the shores of Mumbai city!

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  1. You can not believe the length of time ive been googling for this. Through 8 pages of Google results with out finding anything. 1 search on Msn. There this is… Gotta begin to use this more often

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