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Bangkok Booty in Bandra! April 17, 2010

Another week whizzed by!

It’s a saturday and the week has flown by yet again. I mean where does all the time go? Do you feel your days are whizzing by too? Well, all we can do is make the most of them right? So I try to do that.

Bandra Babes

You know I was in Bandra yesterday, after a lohhhonng time. Well I had to conduct a summer creative writing class at Juhu and then I decided to do a rendezvous with my girl pal at Candies, Union Park. Her initials are BB too. So it’s like a date with BB in Bandra! And we chose Candies for the venue. Don’t you just love Candies? I mean where do you get that kind of food in those prices??? Where? Tell me where? Definitely not in the part of town that I live – Sobo. Ok more Sobo bitchin’ later!

Bandra Shoppin’

Next to Candies is a store called “Adam + Eve”. If you know Izzo, Lace and Just Phat (Just Phat is something else), you need to walk in the same line and its at the corner. It’s quite small but well organized.

Stocked with loads of clothes but not stuffy. Simple but doesnot have the usual stuff. Bright colors, comfy fits, pretty prints – you will love the collection here. 

It’s got the Bankok ka maal but there’s more to it! And it’s here that I finally managed to get my Little Miss Tees! All for Rs 350/- each. Cool eh? There are also shrugs and jumpsuits, tees and flip flops, shoes and sandals and bling too. But I would recommend the tee collection (good variety) and clothes amongst everything else.

It’s one of those hidden treasures in Bandra if I can call it that! You may not stumble upon this one unless you are exploring Bandra the way its meant to be explored. (The gulli – gucchi way)

What’s more? The staff is helpful and they dont come on to you. I like such stores. So I may not have bought myself clothes from Bangkok(when I took a trip recently) but I did land up finding them here in Bandra. The world’s a small place and a girl always manages to find a good shopping place! Cheers to that ! 🙂

The dope!

Adam+eve, Shop No.5, Ashok Apts, Union Park, Pali Hill, Khar – 52, Mumbai, India. Tel: 26485162 (closed on mondays) Union Park, Next to Petit High School


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