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Babes, bais & babies April 18, 2010

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A lot of my friends are married and some of them have babies too. Now while it’s all good for the ones who are without the kids, the ones who have children get another new member added to their families, its the  BAI or the maid/help. Wherever the baby is, the Bai follows. To the mall, to the park, to the club, to the spa, to the airport and even to a five star vacation out of town. Well, as I see it the Bai has more perks than me. She gets to park herself at an exotic hotel in Goa and all she has to really do is look after the baby (that too not all the time). An all expense paid trip to Goa! Most employers won’t do that right?

Bai Demand!

There is clearly a great demand for Bai’s. You need one to look after you and then another to watch your baby. The point is, do these women really need the Bais? Can they do without them? Do only the rich ones hire the maids or its the middle class and lower middle too that have aayas and bais looking after new borns? You know, somehow am not that comfortable with the idea of having a Bai looking after my child or even around to handle my baby. Call me paranoid or a hands on mother (am nowhere close to even becoming one) I will not hire a bai just because I need her to be around so I can galivant and have a gala time at Palladium on a Sunday afternoon. I was quite amused with the sight of bais in their Maharashtrian 9 yard saris holding chic hand bags in one hand and a child’s finger in the other as the mothers aka babes walked ahead in their printed chiffon knee length summer designer dresses and high heel stilettos and chatted about which to hit next!

Bai Bai!

On another note, I did catch the movie Lal baugh Parel today. Real, raw  and the story of the mills and mill workers unplugged. If you’d like to see what Palladium was before it became this hotshot destination that you spend your sunday soirees at, you need to catch this Mahesh Manjrekar Movie now!


2 Responses to “Babes, bais & babies”

  1. reader Says:

    haha. accurate..i have seen so much of this. totally relate to it.

  2. sam Says:

    lal baugh parel is a definate watch

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