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Cinema Chic: Mast Movie Places in Mumbai! April 19, 2010

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 Iam an avid moviegoer! Once a week, sometimes twice and even thrice. But am yet to do a movie marathon. Since I go to movies so often, I have been to all the best and not so cool theaters in the city and want to give you the lowdown!

Movie n Masti!

And am a pukka Indian when it comes to the Phillum experience. Movie and all is great but what’s available in the food court? I mean I hope you have some chatpata khaana to go with all the Bollywood movies and some great coffee too! That’s a given for me! And if the theater we are going to has a food court which is under maintenance, I’d be the first to chicken out of the plan. (Oh Yes! I would)

No food? I’d brood 😦

If all this is not available in the theater I visit, I return somewhat insatiated; although the movie may have been great but I feel like I was left in the lurch. As I didn’t really get the real thing i.e. the movie + the khaana! Do you feel that too? Then you must come and watch the movie with me. Trust me! You will never starve. You’ll go home with a big smile on your face even if the movie was bad; you need to compensate some where right? Might as well come back with a stuffed face rather than a small one? What say?

So here goes the list of my favourite movie destinations in the city.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Regal, Colaba: Great sandwiches! Nice samosas. More than that fresh spicy samosas and frothy cappuccinos mmmm. Don’t expect luxury in here as this is old school cinema. However, if you do want that deadly combo of good sound effects and better screening with new age food options and yet not spend much, Sterling cinema at V.T. is where you need to be at. Apart from their regular sandwich, samosa, coffee stuff (everything tastes great here and is cheap too!) they do have a mini food court of sorts in the ground floor where you have everything from ice-cream to pizzas and Subway, the works.

Multiplex Street of Mumbai (Andheri W, Link Road)

Now, let’s talk about the area dotted with Multiplexes, Andheri West, Link Road. Although I’d like to give a go ahead to Cinemax for their fabulous food options, it’s a tad expensive than Fame Adlabs and Fun Republic next door. While fame does give you a good mix of cinematic advancement and culinary delights, Fun Republic is strictly the average cinema multiplex with sometimes not so fresh food as well. Fame climbs up a notch in my food list as it has everything from CCD Coffee, chaat, fresh juices, salads, fruits, burgers, hotdogs, pizza amongst other options. But watch out for their popcorn, its not the best. PVR Juhu in that case as well as PVR Phoenix are a deadly (like really deadly) combo for awesome snacks + comfy seats + value for money movie experience! Their food options are similar to fame. Try their idli with chutney; they serve it hot and tasty all at a reasonable price.

Inox, Nariman Point

Here’s where the whose who of society and corporate world and stock market and cricket land up to catch a flick. To give you a taste of all the people I have run into here? Let’s begin. Everyone from Rahul Dravid to Shyam Benegal, Yash Birla (never wanna run into him ever again. He is badly behaved and talks in the movie, well throughout the film. But that’s a story you need to read for!) Well, I know most of you are loyal to this theatre but am not. I do end up going there often as its hop-skip-jump for me but mostly for the matinee shows which cost Rs 150/- wonly! I only go for a night show unless my movie does not run at the matinee show here because if I were to do that, I’d spend half my life savings and give them away to Inox. That sounds pretty scary! While Inox is all grand and all that, the sound and screens are almost international, the Super Spoon food court should have been a part of the movie food court. Would you agree with me on that one?

Great effects but not for the tummy! 

The place may have the most spectacular sound systems in place, luxurious carpeted flooring, well groomed staff and spic n span washrooms, but it does take a back seat when it comes to the snack bar. Talking about food at Inox? Well, well. Not exactly a foodie’s delight but they’ve had some changes recently (I wonder if that’s got to do with me coming and moving in the neighbor hood and filling their feedback forms and pressurizing them to have more stalls?) There is the Pizza guy now and Brownies too. But the overall food, hmm, thumbs down! Samosas – mostly stale. Sandwiches – aargh. Non appetizing! What’s a must try here? The chaat. Its yum! Like really yumm! They make it exactly the way you like. Tell them spicy and they’ll put in the right amount of mirchi. I have to have the bhel. Sometimes I urge my family to go see the movie because I want to eat the bhel. Yeah I know its crazy, but I could go all the way for food. Hey! I wonder if the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach too? Atleast mine does 😉


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