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Calling Dr. Jones! April 21, 2010

One of the nearest malls for me is Phoenix mills in Lower Parel so am invariably hunting for stuff there when I need something new. And when you are at Phoenix, you kind of want to whisk away to the Palladium with all the inviting environs, exclusivity and high end brands staring in your face. So I did too. But believe you me, I had no intentions to indulge (or so I thought). However, in the end, I am glad I made that visit.

Jack and Jones!

Amongst the Diesels and Tommy Hilfighers and Miss Sixty’s you tend to feel, so there’s nothing really for you here but then you make your way in to the Jack and Jones store and its a BIG SURPRIZE!

Inside the store!

Peppy music, smart and energetic staff and piles piles of pretty clothes all around. They do have a wide range of clothes for both men and women. But we are only going to look in to the latter. Recently, they have introduced something called the “legginges” (same as leggings only better) you can put these on with kurtis, long tees, shirts and whatever else you wanna get creative with! I picked up one (priced at Rs 1400/- and Rs 1995/-) I found them something else. They fit you like your skin and have a denim feel so look more like jeans except don’t come with zippers.

Look out for shirts and tees in summery colors. Soothing off whites, citrus greens. Shorts in denim and cotton, hot n funky undergarments, ear-rings, bracelets, skirts and a whole  lotta stuff.

The verdict!

The good thing about Jack and Jones is that its like a regular UCB or Wills Lifestyle high street store and no snooty Palladium vibe in here. Except, the place is only better and more stylish. And yes, affordable too, well, that’s precisely why I went there.

Girl Gossip! While I was trying on my pants, there was  bunch of college girls who I heard saying “Iam going to make my granny come here and make her spend”. “This place is like Awesome”. Once you go to Jack and Jones, you’ll know what they are talking about!


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