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Girlies gotta grey side April 21, 2010

So I said some stuff and I made my family jump out of their seat and had their jaws droppin! Well if there are things in this world that make me say the things I do and bring out a side in me that I knew or didn’t know existed, what can I do?

Do you have a grey side too? I mean am not sure what that quite means(having a grey side) but I think I do have some clue. It means that, everything’s  not straight and its a bit black and white. There is an element of grey or a dark side. That which is surprising, sometimes shocking. How do you find out? Its the things a person says or does  =that kinda catch you off guard or leave you a little startled. Well something like a quirk. Dont we all have this side to us? Well I think we should all have a side like this to us. I mean imagine being all straight, all boring and mundane and all that. Where’s the element of spice, fun and surprise?

Get Quirky!

I know some quite quirky people with a grey side. Now let’s get this straight. Grey side does not mean being “bad” or “Evil”. It’s just different. It’s mysterious. It’s exciting and keeps you alive!

My grey side people!

Well, here’s list of Quirky and wildly fun people who have a grey side. They are both fictitious and real. Do you have quirky favs too? Do share with me!

– Gwen Stephanie

– Suzanne Khan

– Abhay Deol

– Me myself

– Cosmo Cramer

– Phoebe Buffet

– Adhuna Akhtar

P.S. I once won a prize too from BPBWEEKEND.COM where they asked about what’s the quirkiest thing you carried in your bad. Nope not answering that one here! My mommy reads the blog too you know.


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