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A-tisket a-tasket – my Yellow Yellow basket! April 22, 2010

Storage Basket, Vividha

Storage Basket, Vividha


It was a sign. A signal from god that took my footsteps to a new store that opened yesterday. No I didnt know about this time. Have you heard of Vividha Everything Kids? Well, yes its one of my things. I like going to kids stores. No am not planning a kid. I dont have baby nephews and nieces that I like to shop for. I just feel that you get the most interesting and prettiest things in a kids store. So here I was at Crossword Kemps Corner and I climbed up the first store. Viola! The store had just opened and I was the first customer. Can that be right? Yes it was or so the sales person said. “Mam, we just opened and you are our first customer”. I gloated in silence. Gorgeous Girlie had to make to a new store after all before anyone else did, so what if its a kids store. And here’s what I came home with! I simply love it! Great to keep on your bedside to store your lil lip balm or even scrunchies! It’s tiny as it looks so don’t make big plans to store your things in it. All good things come in small packages and this one comes in a pale blue shade too! Cost: Rs 65/- wonly !


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