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Black is back! April 24, 2010

OOh! I had a grrreat Saturday so far ! I went to Mommies, had amazing home food (Mom rocks!) and got some business done in Bandra too. And when I returned, there was a cool n sassy prize waiting for me from a contest I had entered with Rolling Stones magazine! Yup! I win a lot. Don’t envy me as I don’t use most of it. Life is about giving remember? And the cherry on the cake? My mil was kind enough to give me a soft n lovely velvet cloth as a gift today (its like this awesome piece of velvet from Dubai I think! )and I could make anything I want out of it! You got some ideas?

Email me on and simply comment on this post! I’d love to know what you have in mind 🙂

Love you and have  a supah weekend!


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