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Summer bling n jingling! April 25, 2010

Rangbirangi Bangles, Fab India KalaGhoda

Rangbirangi Bangles, Fab India KalaGhoda


Summer is heating up in Mumbai city and there is nothing to really do unless you are an IPL fan. You obviously can’t roam the streets or eat out during the day unless you want to become a baked dish yourself! However, what you can do is hit the malls, catch a flick or two!. I mean the least I can do to beat the blues is get myself something nice n spunky to brighten up my days! (Ok I need yet another reason to shop but what the hell! Iam a girl and its my birthright!)

Bangle Jing Bang!

Bangle Jing Bang!

Baby gets bling!

The other day I stumled upon a set of bright electric bangles at Fab India, KalaGhoda and I couldn’t help myself. Don’t they look pretty one me? Well, I can mix n match, use some colors, remove some depending upon what Iam wearing! Howzzat? Pretty rocking I think!

Bangle Box ?

Bangle Box ?

Bangles need a box! (And I need to shop more!)

After my stint there, I made my way to Tappu ki Dukaan at Fountain. I was looking for a casserole for home which I found at Akbarallys and then I said to myself since am here I might as well hit the quirky gift store. And I came back with another Un-real Nariyal and  Neil Danta tee which says “Bus kya”! Got to love this one!

Girls love bangles!

Incase you have a friend’s b’day or mehendi coming up, a simple and charming gift would be to pack off these dozen bangles in this nariyal and present it to your girlie! Isn’t it cute? I would love to receive this as a gift. Well, its great I got it then!


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