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Happy@Hamleys April 27, 2010

I ran into an old friend from school the day before yesterday. Where else? On facebook ofcourse! And she told how some of our other common friends have just delivered babies and how the rest of them are expecting. After listening to this, I felt wow! That’s great! I an certainly excited for them. However, Iam not sure if they will feel the same excitement for me anytime soon. Iam not ready to share my toys with anyone yet, let alone buy them for someone else. Iam still the baby. And quite a happy one at that. Hopefully, all the girls in their mid 20s can say this with great pride.

Teary eyes and awww moments in Toy Land!

Now, at first I thought it would be just another big toy store (Hamleys, Phoenix Mills). Wait a min, it turned out to be quite a slick version of la la land. I mean my la la land (the one that existed so far) was no where close to real thing. Here, there was the Barbie girl track playing in the back ground, a staff member was blowing bubbles away in one corner, another guy was happy to show you how magical pens worked and he was more enthusiastic than you are and not hardselling mind you! There were kids moving around in their bikes and I had to keep my clumsy moves in check.

Hamley Highlights!

It’s hard but I’d still pick out the best for you. The mini aquarium, the boomrang, the tea-sets, the kitchen sets! They are all my favourite.

I think, the next time I pay a visit, Iam coming back with some smart travel games in compact and handy boxes that they stocked. The good thing about Hamley’s is that its not just for kids, you have your collection of Scrabble, Monopoly, Backgammon etc.

I think I already know what I want my birthday! 🙂 Well, its 6 months away but I plan for it way in advance. Isn’t that what all girls do?


3 Responses to “Happy@Hamleys”

  1. saloni Says:

    i am so dyin to go to hamleys!!!!
    you bet, thats what girls do, i already am excited for my birthday which is 6 months away from now 😛
    when i went to hamleys in london, trust me, i didnt want to leave it. i bought all flavors of candy canes, the classic rubber ducky and its 6 lil babies 😛 and my favorite dog soft toy – spot. hes a black and white soft thing!!

    • Gorgeous Girlie Says:

      Hahahaha! Seriously! This place is more addictive than any other clothes store. I am going to go back soon to get the miniature flamingo, boomrang and even the bathroom toys.

  2. Bijou Says:

    Great place. Makes every adult feel like a child. And every child feel at home. Lots to drool at, lots to buy and lots to play with. Great place and great people.

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