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Go Girly Go:Don’t take things “sitting down”! April 28, 2010

Because life’s greatest adventure shouldn’t be finding a bathroom!

Women love quaint and cute things that make their life convenient! Now, here’s yet another one of those  pink things that trust me you will marvel at. It’s more sophisticated and classy than any gadget. your better half will own!

This girly goodie is perfect for pregnant and senior ladies. Perhaps you can gift one to your friend who is on the family way. A thoughtful gift, don’t you think?



What is GO-GIRL?

It is a FUD or a female urinating device that you can take anywhere you go! And you don’t have to take things lying down anymore. Basically you can stand and relieve yourself where you please (putting it mildly)

What is Go-girl? How to use it?  See

In Mumbai, pick up Go-girl at Basecamp, Grand Galleria, Phoenix Mills.


2 Responses to “Go Girly Go:Don’t take things “sitting down”!”

  1. GoGirl Says:

    Hello Gorgeous Girlie,

    We’re so glad when we hear about women from across the world (such as yourself) talking about GoGirl. Thanks so much for the post!


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