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Palladium = Celebdome. Bodyshop, Bodyguards et al April 28, 2010

Rahul Mahajan at BodyShop, Palladium, Phoenix Mills

Rahul Mahajan at BodyShop, Palladium, Phoenix Mills


Today was clearly a Celeb day at Palladium. With the amount of celeb spotting  that happened; I should have taken an entire journo crew along. Or maybe not. I think am happy being the loner lass 🙂 I l like it that way. Don’t feel so sad for me. I wasn’t completely by myself there. Well, I was@Palladium again (3 days in a row) and this time as hubby’s laptop had to be fixed and so we headed out to the Apple Store.  And the shoppaholic cum journo that Iam, I snooped my way into a store opening. It was H. Ajoomal’s flagship jewellery store. More on that coming later! 

Happy Honeymooners!  

Now, here’s the juicy stuff. The gossip we all want to know about!The most fun part my fun visit was that I spotted Rahul Mahajan with his petite wife Dimpy Ganguly Mahajan and her entire family including parents and sisters shopping up a storm at BodyShop. Hmmm. Now, I did hear rumours about their break up and divorce recently. Did you? Thanks to their entourage of bodyguards, all I could get for you is this! But you do recognize the head right? I mean, it’s trademark Rahul Mahajan! He was dressed in a black shirt and trouser whereas she was in a pair of casual jeans and tee. The sindoor in the maang was dark and I could spot it from meters away. Looked like she was having a great time picking up beauty goodies while hubby dearest footed the bill. 


More celeb spotting! 

Gul Panag walked out smart n sexy dressed in a millitary shade knee-length trench dress with Anita Dongre as they were involved in some serious discussion! Girls I tell you! 


Also spotted at the H. Ajoomal opening were Shaina NC, Shabana Azmi, Nishka Lulla, Chaya Momaya et al. 

P.S. Girlie seriously regrets the quality of pics. I know it’s quite a “Guess who” pic! But she tried. She will try harder next time! XXOO


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