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FIFA FEVER! May 31, 2010



A big shout out going to all the FIFA FANS !  All the FIFA Fashion merchandise is set to hit the stores very soon and if you have been waiting to get your hands on it, Brace yourself!


Ribbons. Bows. Woes.

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Pink n bow! Gift Box

Pink n bow! Gift Box

You know am often told in the family that I pick up things just for the sake of it but I beg to differ. When there is an occasion and we need to give someone a gift and everyones rushing and struggling for a gift wrapping paper or that fancy bag or box, am the one to the rescue always! Time and again, there is witness to show that my bows, ribbons and labels have saved the occasions. So here we go again! Recently I was commissioned to get my grandfather boxes to store his medals and I got some extra boxes too; ofcourse I knew he wouldnt need them! But isnt the box simply gorgeous and handy? I mean you can give a friend anything in it. From clips to tiny trinkets, even a small hand written note, anything absolutely anything small and pretty!

So these boxes are from a store called Satyam at Churchgate station (They have a loyalty program btw)


Little Miss Netbook! May 30, 2010

Made for each other?

“As important as your makeup, as essential as your big roomy bag, as necessary as your water bottle and the packet of nuts! – Your personal net book on the go!”

You are the women on the go. You seal your cappuccino mug, slip in the mobile into the side pocket, tie your hair up high, dab the sunscreen and hop on to a taxi to work. You reach office and you need to head off for a meeting within 10 ! And then you have some time to yourself to grab some lunch at the mall! Amongst all the rushing and appointments, you are not worried at all for you can still answer your emails, update your pics, post a comment on your favorite blog and also email your sister abroad. No BB, this is the cute new net book am all gaga and ho hum about!

Why I love my NEW NOTE BOOK!

– Its so light I can literally take it anywhere I want, whenever wherever. From bar to my friends cocktail party to the mall and the movies, to the book store and to the park, I could be blogging, working, chatting anywhere!

– Its got 5 hours of battery so you charge it before you leave and then “YOU GO GIRL”!

– While BB maybe small and compact, let’s face it if you are a writer you cant be typing your articles and editing things in there so that’s when you get yourself a net book!

– The Acer Aspire one 532H  comes with a 1GB Memory, 160 GB Storage and an Intel Atom processor N450 (You might know understand a lot of the stuff here so get some tech guy on board. Your bro, dad, hubby – whoever knows their tech stuff!)

What’s left? To turn my laptop skin from baby blue to baby pink and am all set. A girl needs a light and easy net book just like she needs that one awesome hand bag every year. What say girlies? Grab that little baby and escape to paradise? Shall we?


Why “Every girl” must watch KITE May 29, 2010

Don’t listen to the critics, reject the reviews, grab your partner and go watch Kites for its one of the most passionate, beautiful, thrilling Bollywood entertainers you would have seen in a long long time.

Go Girl Ogle!

While your partner can swoon and croon at the Lovely Mexican Maven Barbara Mori, you too have some interesting company for the next few hours.

Jr. Roshan is Greek God period! If you want to know the Indian version of your very own TDH (Tall Dark Handsome) Greek God, Hrithik Roshan is what you get closest to and you are really not complaining. I mean come on. He never looked better. If this is what fatherhood does to you, we want more fathers in this world. We love the bronze skin, the unkept locks, the incorrigible attitude, oh we are all sold at that one glance! Dont even get us started on that buff and chiseled body of his.

Love will find a way!

When you fall in love, you transcend all boundaries of caste, culture, religion, language and even nationalities. Linda and Jay fell in love even when they couldn’t understand and communicate in the same language. It was love that kept them going and nothing else.

Kites is not just about love but tremendous sacrifice. Its about keeping your partner happy, safe, secure while you dont know what you might have to experience and undergo to ensure the same. The movie is heightened love, drama and stuff that real love stories are made of, not the ones that we call it quits on FB and BB.

Burning Passion

The awesome twosome share sizzling chemistry on screen. They smile and you are melting. They hold hands and your wings pop out of your back. Their mere presence on every screen means magic. I really couldnt care about critics crying about lack of chemistry and only presence of Biology. You feel for the love birds when you are watching and its not just a chick thing.

P.S. I was convinced with all the bad reviews and ratings until I went and saw it myself !


“NO EXCHANGE” at the store? Call the cops! May 28, 2010

The FOREVER NEW Shopping Stew!

So here I was at the mall and scooping through the new collection at Forever New store. You know I really didnt plan to go to this store but something told me that I should. And here I come and find myself amid a shopping incident that took place. The story goes… A girl purchased a top before her birthday and brought it back two days after it and when she wanted to return it because it was not her size it was smelling terrible! It was not sweat or body odour it was some kind of acid or petrol or something very strong like a chemical! Now the store refuses to accept the garment naturally! So this girl sends her father with the cops!!!! HOLY MOLY! And apparently Princess Layla or whoever she maybe has not done this the first time. The moment the father and cops left the store, the girls at the store laughed their heart out as they discussed and said to each other “HOW CAN SOMEONE CALL THE COPS TO EXCHANGE A TOP”? Crazy lady I say.

While the staff at the store politely and persistently held their ground and told the father that nothing can be done and they have tried their best, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if the store had actually made a blunder?

P.S. FOREVER NEW has received amazing collection of stolles although, go after two weeks when the fresh stock arrives in clothes too!


Jacqueline’s June!

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The month completely belongs to the newbie Jacqueline Fernandes. If you missed her in Aladdin and shaking her booty in “Apni to Jaise Taise” in the movie Housefull, the best of her is captured in the latest issue of Vogue Magazine !

Pic courtesy:

Pic courtesy:


Win the Chanel Novelle Vague! May 27, 2010

Pic courtesy: Before it hits the stores this lively lovely luscious thing can be yours to keep!

Scratch that booty on top of your head come up with what “new wave” means to you.

Log on to for more details !