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Cool off! Cold Coffee +Popcorn Bhel May 2, 2010

PopcornBhel Bliss !

PopcornBhel Bliss !



Teekha, spicy, juicy ! Aaah. My favourite flavours. Although I’d like to relish the refined flavours and call myself a connoissuer of food and all that; am still enjoying my chatpata and tadkedaar food. I love “teekha” ! One bhel every otherday masala marke and am sorted. I think by and large, most girls enjoy spicy food. No am not talking about when you are the family way. Like, generally? Isn’t it true? And with the teekha food, I need to have a garmagaram chai or coffee or even a frothy n foamy cold coffee to go with it – its sheer bliss for me.

Sasta tikau = Spencer’s Super market!

Spencer’s Super market is not just sasta and tikau for home and groceries but also great when it comes to the food available there. I have always loved their salads but I think their Chaibar is something else. Well! If you seem to find yourself often at Malad, Inorbit mall, shopping or just snooping around and are craving for some yumm food yet want to catch up with a friend, don’t go to the food court, enter Spencer’s instead. Next to the cash counters, there is “Chai Bar”. It has to be one of my favourite discoveries ever. It has my comfort food Maggie along with Popcorn bhel and one of the yummiest and most good looking cold coffees ever!

P.S. Did I mention all this in less than Rs 100?  Perfect way to cool off this summer…


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