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Khalli Balli ! May 2, 2010

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Khali at Inorbit Mall Malad

Khali at Inorbit Mall Malad

Iam quite a mall crawler! I somehow find my way into a mall whether its for work or pleasure. Even when I have to meet family, I somehow con my way and get them to the mall.

Khali Kills it!

Well, the saturday began with my rendezvous with mother dearest at Inorbit Mall where I accidentally saw Khali the wrestler. He was perhaps there for an event or something. Boy! He is popular. Crowds cheered and thronged for his autograph as people blocked the stairs and escalators just to catch a glimpse. Ofcourse I saw him. He is obviously huge. He rarely smiled. Are they supposed to look all tough and all like all the time? Ok, here’s a question....

Girls n Wrestlers!

Are you girls attracted to wrestlers? Errmm. Honestly? Iam not. I dont know why am not. You are supposed to because they are powerful and muscular and all that but the “buff” somehow doesn’t work for me. What are your thoughts? Do you find wrestlers hard to resist? Or are they never on your list? What’s your take?


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