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Delicious in Denim ! May 3, 2010

My denim choos! (Not Jimmy Choos)

My denim choos! (Not Jimmy Choos)



Denim Drool!

I have always been a denim Diva. I remember having a few pairs of jeans when I was 4 or 5 or something. My mother got me a dress in denim stitched with some tennis rackets embroidered on it as a little girl. I also got myself a cool zipper denim shirt cum jacket when I was a teen and the list is endless. I think denim is tres chic. It gives you an edge. While going girly is great! Going girly + smart is very cool. I remember dressing up in a denim jeans and teaming it up with a matching denim jacket and getting quite a few eye balls and more to my look! Yea I was  smartie but I did have my phases of geek dressing for years too. What were you like as a teen? I’d love to hear your girlie stories.

On a denim note… The latest issue of Vogue says, “Denim is in” and if you watch the video on all the designers and stylists swear by denim this season. And if you have seen Deepika Padukone sizzle on the cover already, need I say more?

Do a Denim!

I can safely call my self a denim diva. I mean if its denim and its on the racks, I buy it. I need not think twice. Its like an Aamir Khan movie, you know its going to be good, intelligent and timeless. Its like idli dosa, you know its always safe to have it. Its like fixed deposit, you know you will get your returns….you know what I mean?

Dreamin Denim

I own everything in Denim! From a tube dress to a hot jump suit. Next on my Denim list? A distressed denim jeans…aaah! Can’t wait!

Mumbai’s Delighful Denim Places!

Adam + Eve, next to Petit school, Union Park, Bandra W,  Just Phat, Ambedkar Road, Bandra West, Globus (Bandra and KalaGhoda), Vama Peddar Road, Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Cotton World, Aldo accessories 


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