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I feel new. I feel pink. I feel pampered! :) May 3, 2010

My very own customized Moisturiser

My very own customized Moisturizer

Salon Stories

Now, why do we go to parlours and salons? To feel pampered right? Off late I was kinda miffed with salons as everyone’s so busy and they’ll only treat you right if you are the “demanding diva”. I mean what about a regular girl who just wants to feel pampered each time she visits a salon? No she doesn’t necessarily want to spend a lot every time but she wants to come out feeling special and not jipped, broke or treated badly.

Fusions Salon, Juhu

Fusions Salon, Juhu

I think I finally found my special salon 🙂

Phew! It must have been a while since I experienced such a deep state of relaxation. And I can proudly say that this one did not have anything to do with oversleeping or any intoxicant. It was an acupressure facial that I received at Fusions Salon by the owner and holistic healer Seema Jerajani. It was not just relaxing, but made me slip into a state of tranquility. A resonating calm that I felt long after the treatment was over. You can try a relaxing facial or another type of facial that suits your need better. Consult with Seema and she will guide you as to what’s the most suitable option! Other facials@Fusion include aromatherapy, chakra balancing, stress release, holistic massage et al.

Customized Cosmetics (Isn’t that a girls dream come true?)

Fusions is a discreet salon situated in Juhu opposite SNDT college. Not a place that you can walk in and out but a private salon where you can only visit by appointment, this place truly believes in pampering you! Not just therapeutic facials, Seema excels in make-up and hair and beauty treatments of all types! You know what I really loved in this the place? It was the privacy, the peace and the “PINK” everywhere 🙂 I think I attract Pink! From the rose pink coasters to the hair dryers they were all baby pink in color (Truly a girly salon!)

What’s more? Seema makes you a customized moisturizer in a pretty pink bottle that you can take home after your treatment. She also gave me a whole lotta tips on cleansing, skin care and application of cream. I feel enlightened. I feel new!

Feel the Fusion
It’s a salon not a virtual makeover one! No matter what I tell you, until you try the facial and massage on your own, you wont know what Iam talking about! To experience it, make your appointment and share your experience here! Log on to


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