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Hello Sunshine ! :) May 5, 2010

Elle Magazine 2010 - May Issue

Elle Magazine 2010 - May Issue

Do you think you can sizzle in summer? I mean with all the heat and humidity et al.  I will be honest. I have tried. I have given everything a shot from the best skin moisturizers to sunscreens and summer care products. I have gone the internal healthy way too with the butter milk diet and fruit juices and hydrating products but well I still end up looking sun choked rather than sun soaked! I’d be glad if you shared some of your tried and tested skin care remedies to get the glow and be all beautiful during summer!

While the winter and monsoon seasons do wonders for my skin type, summer NAH! Not so much. How do you achieve the bronze look during summer? Do you head for the beach when the sun shines? If yes, then you need to grab the latest issue of Elle magazine! It’s got all the lowdown on swim suits and how to get the summer look. Go grab it girl!


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